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Welcome! This page is for you to access homework, discover additional resources, and interact with other participants, experienced farmers, and Extension educators. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Amanda.


  • Learn about the Cultivating Success Idaho beginning farmer program and additional resources and educational opportunities

  • Become familiar with the course content, format and focus on sustainable agriculture

  • Learn the importance of whole farm planning for small farmers and ranchers

  • Become aware of the need for developing your farm goals


Class Format:

  • This portion of the class consists of a live-webinar that you can access in the comfort of your own home! In this webinar, we will introduce the course, instructors, and review the schedule. This webinar will happen on Monday, January 8th, 2018 from 6 PM - 7 PM PST/ 7 PM - 8 PM MST


Homework (due 1/13/18):





Bring to Next Class:

  • Please bring your completed worksheets with you on Jan. 13th.


Webinar Recording

Webinar Slides 


Additional Resources:


Whole Farm Planning 

Goals for Whole Farm Planning :

  • Increase awareness of the infinite possibilities of enterprises for small acreage farm or ranch

  • Build ‘community’ with class members 

  • Identify local and regional resources for help and mentoring

  • Increase understanding of concepts and applications of "sustainability" for small farm operations

  • Understand the components of and purpose for a whole farm plan

  • Learn the process of evaluating your current resources

  • Learn the importance of resource inventory and assessment when exploring a new farm enterprise

  • Be able to create a detailed farm map

  • Identify information/resources on various enterprise requirements

  • Learn how to determine whether a product or service is reasonable for you

  • Learn how to develop a long‐term plan for achieving farm goals

  • Gain an understanding of the various direct marketing channels

  • Assess opportunities and challenges of different direct marketing venues

  • Increase awareness of consumer trends related to agriculture and food preferences and buying habits

  • Understand the importance of market research for developing a marketing plan


  • Farming Alternatives:  Read chapters 1,2 and 3  

  • Small-Scale Livestock Farming:  Read pages 18‐19

  • The Market Gardener:  Read Chapter 1

  • Keys to Successfully Choosing Enterprises That Suit Your Small Farm, Hochmuth, et al. UF, IFAS Extension  


Homework Assignments (due 2/3/18): 

  • Download this Whole Farm Plan Template. This fillable form allows you to input summaries of the information you develop through completing in-class worksheets, homework, and your individual research. A draft of your whole farm plan is due by the end of March

  • Complete Farming Alternatives marketing worksheets 3‐1 through 3‐6

  • Optional: Evaluate your personal and family qualities and other resources in more detail using   Farming Alternatives worksheets 2‐1, 2‐2, 2‐3, 2‐5, 2‐6

  • Bring all completed worksheets with you to class on February 3rd! 

Quiz #1 Make Up (due 4/15/18):

Webinar Recording

Webinar Slides 

Goals for Crop Production Workshop:

  • Learn common sustainable practices used in crop production on small acreage farms

  • Learn basics of integrated pest management (IPM)

  • Develop an awareness of how alternative pest management strategies can be applied to different pest situations.

  • Learn basics of soil physical, chemical and biological characteristics

  • Learn ways to manage soils to develop a positive soil environment for plant growth

  • Learn use and benefits of cover crops, compost, manure, and other soil amendments



  • Farming Alternatives: Chapter 4

  • The Market Gardener: Chapters 2-4 and 13

  • Small Scale Livestock Farming: Chapters 1 and 4


Homework Assignments (due 3/3/18): 

  • Farming Alternatives: worksheets 4-1 through 4-10

Additional Resources:


Quiz #2 Make Up (Due 4/15/18):


Webinar Recording


Webinar Slides

Crop Production Workshop
Livestock Production Workshop

Goals for Livestock Production Workshop:

  • Gain an understanding of the principles of sustainable animal production on small acreages.

  • Increase knowledge of specific production practices for at least one type of animal species.

  • Become aware of current issues related to sustainable small acreage animal production.

  • Learn methods of grazing management for small acreage farms.



  • The Market Gardener: chapter 6

  • Small-Scale Sustainable Livestock: chapters 2, 7, 9, 10 & 12


Homework Assignments:

  • Farming Alternatives: Complete worksheets 4-1 through 4-10 for a crop and/or livestock enterprise you want to research and evaluate.

  • Your Whole Farm Plan Draft is due at your wrap-up event! You can submit a hard copy or email an electronic copy to your site facilitator.


Additional Resources:


QUIZ #3 (available 3/26/18 and due 4/15/18):

Webinar Recordings


Webinar Slides

Idaho Cultivating Success™ programming is offered by:     

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Funding provided by: USDA-NIFA-BFR-004835

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