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Program Impacts

Since 2000, over 1,200 individuals have participated in Cultivating Success programs across Idaho.

Click the links to read our program Impact Statements!


Idaho's Cultivating Successprogram increases digital outreach to small farms

At a glance: University of Idaho Extension’s Cultivating Success uses digital platforms to increase outreach to small acreage farmers and ranchers across Idaho’s vast geography.

Ripple Effects Mapping: Skill building for Extension educations across the state

At a glance: UI Extension educators use Ripple Effects Mapping to evaluate program impacts across Idaho as a way for communities to identify and celebrate their successes.


Webinar series delivers statewide small farm education

At a glance: Statewide webinar series provides information on priority topics to 172 small farmers and technical assistance providers across Idaho

Program grows 49 new sustainable small acreage farmers in Idaho

At a glance: For nearly 20 years, Cultivating Success™ has contributed to the success of sustainable small farms and ranches in Idaho. Collaborative innovations expanded the program statewide in 2016-2018. 

Course helps new and existing farmers navigate standard financial statements

At a glance: New hands-on UI Extension course increases knowledge of standard financial statements and prepares producers to develop balance sheets, income statements and budgets. 

Collaborating to grow and support sustainable Idaho small farms

At a glance: For over 15 years, Cultivating Success™ has worked to support sustainable Idaho small farms. In 2016, the program broke new ground, launching a new statewide course.

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Idaho Cultivating Success™ is brought to you by University of Idaho Extension and UI Small Farms Extension

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