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Program Impacts

Since 2000, over 1,200 individuals have participated in Cultivating Success programs across Idaho.

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Ripple Effects Mapping: Skill building for Extension educations across the state

At a glance: UI Extension educators use Ripple Effects Mapping to evaluate program impacts across Idaho as a way for communities to identify and celebrate their successes.


Webinar series delivers statewide small farm education

At a glance: Statewide webinar series provides information on priority topics to 172 small farmers and technical assistance providers across Idaho

Program grows 49 new sustainable small acreage farmers in Idaho

At a glance: For nearly 20 years, Cultivating Success™ has contributed to the success of sustainable small farms and ranches in Idaho. Collaborative innovations expanded the program statewide in 2016-2018. 

Course helps new and existing farmers navigate standard financial statements

At a glance: New hands-on UI Extension course increases knowledge of standard financial statements and prepares producers to develop balance sheets, income statements and budgets. 

Collaborating to grow and support sustainable Idaho small farms

At a glance: For over 15 years, Cultivating Success™ has worked to support sustainable Idaho small farms. In 2016, the program broke new ground, launching a new statewide course.

Idaho Cultivating Success™ is a partnership of University of Idaho and Rural Roots