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Small Farm & Ranch Webinar Series

Cultivating Success offers a FREE lunchtime webinar series designed to help you explore, strengthen or expand your small farm or ranch operation!

Tuesdays at 11 am PST / 12 pm MST | January - April


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2021 Webinar Schedule


January- Planning For Your Markets and Reaching Your Customers

1/19/21- Community Supported Agriculture by the Numbers: Production Planning to Meet Your Financial and Market Goals

Presenter: Ariel Agenbroad, University of Idaho Extension - Southern District

Description: Join University of Idaho Extension Educator Ariel Agenbroad for an in-depth look at how to plan a CSA using your own financial and production goals as your guide.  She will share useful tools she developed for calculating how much to grow, how much space each crop will need, how much seed to order, and how to schedule plantings and predict your future harvest.

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1/25/21- Season Extension in Idaho

Presenter: Melissa Hamilton, University of Idaho Extension - Valley County

Description: Season Extension is an important part of growing produce successfully throughout the state of Idaho. This webinar will cover low, medium, and high tech infrastructure solutions to address your season extension needs to extend or grow produce in short growing seasons.

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1/26/21- 4 Strategies to Reach Your Customers Online

Presenter: Emily Black, Lone Mountain Farms - Athol, ID

Description: Creating an online presence for your farm enables more potential customers to get to know you, fall in love with your products, and decide to buy from you without leaving their couch. In this class, I'll dive into four strategies you can implement within a week to expose your farm to these potential customers!

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February- Digging Into Soils & Compost

2/2/21- Managing and Monitoring Soil Fertility

Presenter: Doug Collins, Washington State University Extension


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2/9/21- Composting for Small Livestock Producers

Presenter: Mario de Haro Marti, University of Idaho Extension - Gooding County

Description: Composting is a manure and waste management technique used worldwide. In this presentation, Mario will show you the basics of composting for small livestock producers, how to calculate annual manure production, composting theory, methods, and how to troubleshoot problems in your active compost.

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2/16/21- Biochar: Properties and Potential as an Agricultural Amendment

Presenter: Dan Strawn, University of Idaho Soil & Water Systems and Greg Moller, University of Idaho Food Science 


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2/23/21- Vermicomposting: Vegetable Kitchens Scraps to Useable Compost

Presenter: Nic Usabel, University of Idaho Extension - Canyon County  

Description: Don't have space for an outdoor compost pile? Want to compost indoors? Join in as we discuss how to create your own vermiculture bin plus care and maintenance of your new friends.

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March- All Things Insects: Pest Management and Pollinators

3/9/21- Encouraging Native Pollinators with Plant Diversity

Presenter: Susan Fluegel, Working Gloves Farm - Moscow, ID

Description: Planting beautiful flowers can draw in pollinators which increase crop yields. You can promote native pollinator numbers and diversity by planning pollinator plots with plant architecture in mind. Learn about hardy, easy-care, plant combinations for the PNW that will increase bee and insect pollinators.

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3/16/21- Wireworm Online Field Day

Presenter: Diane Green, Greentree Naturals - Sandpoint, ID

Description: Ever dig up potatoes or carrots with wriggly holes inside? This is probably wireworm damage.  Wireworms feed entirely underground, attacking germinating seeds, roots, bulbs, and tubers.  Damaged plants soon wilt and die. Managing wireworms organically can be challenging. Greentree Naturals  hosted an on-farm research project with the Department of Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Nematology  at University of Idaho to evaluate Biological Control against wireworms in 2020. This on-line Field Day will share both field tested and educational aspects of wireworm management.

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3/23/21- Organic Orchard Pest Management

Presenter: Kyle Nagy, University of Idaho Sandpoint Organic Agriculture Center

Description: In this webinar Kyle Nagy, manager of the U of I Sandpoint Organic Orchard, will discuss organic management of orchard pests, including insects, diseases, and vertebrates.  Topics will include major and minor orchard pests, degree day tracking, and cultural control measures.

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3/30/21- White Rot in Garlic

Presenter: Jen Jensen, UI Extension - Bonner County and Kate Painter, UI Extension - Boundary County 


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