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Idaho Small Farm & Ranch Webinar Series

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Join Idaho Cultivating Success for this FREE four-part webinar series designed to

help you build, strengthen or expand your small farm or ranch operation! Each session of this four-part webinar series will cover two topics from the newly updated Cultivating Your Business: A Guide for Small and Direct Marketing Farms in Idaho. While participants are encouraged to attend all sessions, we know producers have busy schedules. Choose to attend the topics most relevant to your farm, ranch or food business.

All sessions are recorded and posted on the Idaho Cultivating Success website and YouTube channel.



Topic 1 - Introduction to Direct

Farm Marketing in Idaho

10 am – 11 am PST / 11 – 12 pm MST

Choosing the marketing strategies that best fit your farm, your products and your personality are key to your success.  Join us as we delve into the ins and outs of direct marketing strategies and how choosing the right markets for your farm or ranch can lead to increased profitability and improve your quality of life.



Colette DePhelps, University of Idaho Extension

Diane Green, Greentree Naturals

Topic 2 - Choosing the Best

Business Structure

11 am – 12 pm PST / 12 – 1 pm MST

Choosing a business structure is an important aspect of owning a farm or ranch business.  The business structure you choose for your farm or ranch will affect how you operate, your personal liability for business debts, and your taxes.  This webinar will cover the most common farm and ranch business structures and help you determine which structure is right for you. 


Nick Smith, U of I Entrepreneurship Law Clinic

Diane Green, Greentree Naturals



Topic 1 - Complying with Specific

Product Rules and Quarantines

10 am – 11 am PST / 11 – 12 pm MST

From honeybees to garlic, Idaho has a number of statewide and regional quarantines in place to mitigate the entry or spread of harmful pests into and within our state.  In this webinar, we will discuss some of the quarantines affecting direct marketing farm operations and provide direction to resources so you can meet Idaho quarantine standards and keep harmful pests out of Idaho and off your farm.



Amber Jackson, Idaho State Department of Agriculture Casey O'Leary, Snake River Seed Cooperative 

Topic 2 - Labels & Voluntary Certifications

11 am – 12 pm PST / 12 – 1 pm MST

The number of voluntary certifications farms can apply for are dizzying!  From Certified Naturally Grown, to Idaho Preferred and USDA Organic, join us for an overview of some of the most common certifications used by direct marketing farms in Idaho and for a discussion of new labels that might get traction in the near future.


Erica White, Idaho State Department of Agriculture

Edward Newcomb, Cloud Eleven Mountain Farm



Topic 1 - Understanding Insurance

and Liability

10 am – 11 am PST / 11 – 12 pm MST

Insurance and liability are hot topics these days,

especially in agriculture.  Join us as we explore different insurance products and the liability protection they do,

or don’t, provide.  You’ll leave the webinar with a list of

tips for interviewing insurance providers and finding

the coverage that best meets the needs of your farm

or ranch, and your budget!



Kurt Allender, American National Insurance

Diane Green, Greentree Naturals

Topic 2 - Farm Labor: Hiring

Employees, Interns and Volunteers

11 am – 12 pm PST / 12 – 1 pm MST

Small farms and ranchers often struggle to find the help they need to operate and grow their businesses, and look to interns and volunteers to fill their labor needs.  While this seems like a good answer to a perpetual challenge, this can lead to producers unknowingly violating Idaho labor laws.  Join us for a no-risk look into the Idaho rules producers need to follow when hiring employees, interns and volunteers.


Carmen Saucedo, Department of Labor 

Katherine Nietmann, Moose Meadow Farm



Topic 1 - Rules for Processing

Poultry and Selling Eggs in Idaho

10 am – 11 am PST / 11 – 12 pm MST

Poultry!  Eggs and broilers are two small farm enterprises with growing markets in communities large and small.  In Idaho, poultry rules are hard to find and interpret – requiring sometime epic searches online and numerous phone calls.  Save yourself time!  Join us for an overview of the rules for processing poultry and selling eggs in Idaho.



Ron Todd, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Jeamette Lock, Pack River Farm

Topic 2 - Selling Prepared and

Processed Foods: Value-Added

Products & Cottage Food Rules

11 am – 12 pm PST / 12 – 1 pm MST

Value-added products, from jellies and jams to baked goods made with artisan grains, are popular with direct market customers and can be profitable small farm enterprises.  This webinar will provide an overview of

the regulations for selling cottage foods and prepared foods in Idaho.


Danell Bennett, Panhandle Health District

Jessica Harrold, Hen and Hare Microfarm

The Idaho Small Farm & Ranch Webinar Series is supported by a USDA Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program (BFRDP) Grant Award #2019-49400-30034.

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Browse the playlist of past recorded webinars!

Idaho Cultivating Success™ is brought to you by University of Idaho Extension and UI Small Farms Extension

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