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Idaho Small Farm & Ranch Webinar Series

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Join Idaho Cultivating Success for this FREE webinar series designed to

help you access agency and organizational resources available to support Idaho small farms and ranches. While participants are encouraged to attend all sessions, we know producers have busy schedules. Choose to attend the webinars most relevant to your farm, ranch or food business.

All webinars will be recorded and posted on the Idaho Cultivating Success YouTube channel.


11 am - 12 pm PST / 12-1 pm MST


Here to Help You! University of Idaho Research and Extension


With 42 County Offices, 9 Research and Extension Centers, and 6 additional Associated Centers, University of Idaho exemplifies the Land Grant Mission of Teaching, Research and Extension. But did you know YOU are an essential component of the Cooperative Extension system? Learn more about what facilities, research, opportunities and services are available to you and your small farm or ranch.



Ariel Agenbroad, University of Idaho Extension

Desiree Wicker, UI Integrated Pest Management

Kent Youngdahl, UI Sandpoint Organic Agriculture Center

Josh Bevan, UI Food Technology Center


Ariel Agenbroad, University of Idaho Extension

Colette DePhelps, University of Idaho Extension


From the Webinar:

Sandpoint Organic Agriculture Center

Food Technology Center

Integrated Pest Management Center


Cultivating Healthy Plants: Lawns that Give More than they Take Webinar

Idaho Insect Identification

Pesticide Safety and Education


11 am - 12 pm PST / 12-1 pm MST

Farmland Preservation and Fostering Wildlife Habitat on Your Farm or Ranch


Learn about farmland preservation efforts in Idaho, including conservation easements and support for habitat enhancement on your farm or ranch.


Lovina Englund, Palouse Land Trust

David Anderson, American Farmland Trust/NRCS

Erin Brooks, University of Idaho

Erika Eschholz, Teton Full Circle Farm

Diane French, NRCS Easement Support Specialist 

Deej Brown, NRCS State Urban Conservationist

Dustin Cureton, Idaho Department of Fish and Game


Jen Werlin, University of Idaho Extension

Jemila Chellappa, University of Idaho Extension

From the Webinar:

Erin Brooks Slide Handout

Diane French Slide Handout

Land Trust Alliance: Find a Land Trust

Teton Full Circle Farm: Our Story

Innovative Agriculture and Marketing Partnership


11 am - 12 pm PST / 12-1 pm MST


Scale Up! Resources for Growing Markets, Value-Added and Local Food Businesses

Learn about the new USDA-funded Northwest and Rocky Mountain Regional Food Business center and how the Center can support your Idaho food/farm business with free technical assistance or a business builder grant.



Colette DePhelps, University of Idaho Extension

Katie Baker, FARE Idaho

Janna Hamlett,, UI Extension / Tech Help

Hannah Harris, Sun Valley Institute for Resilience


Colette DePhelps, University of Idaho Extension

Melissa Hamilton, University of Idaho Extension

From the Webinar:

Colette DePhelps Slide Handout

Janna Hamlett Slide Handout

Hannah Harris Slide Handout

FARE Idaho

Contact the Northwest and Rocky Mountain USDA Regional Food Business Center


11 am – 12 pm PST / 12 – 1 pm MST

Soil Health and Climate-Smart Commodities Programs for Farmers


Learn about the resources and programs that are offered through the USDA-NRCS to promote soil health. Additionally, learn about the IAMP program that will incentivize Idaho farmers to adopt practices intended to improve soil health.


Cindy Lewis, USDA NRCS Bonner County

Courtney Cosdon, UI/NRCS Soil Health

Deej Brown, NRCS State Urban Conservationists

Doug Finkelnburg, UI Extension Dryland Cropping Systems


Jennifer Jensen University of Idaho Extension

Courtney Cosdon, UI/NRCS Soil Health

From the Webinar:

Courtney Cosdon Slide Handout

Doug Finkelnburg Slide Handout

Find Your Local NRCS Service Center


11 am - 12 pm PST / 12-1 pm MST

Financial and Business Development Resources for Farmers


Join us to learn about financial resources from FSA and AgWest Farm Credit and business development support from the Small Business Development Centers for farmers.


Jesika Harper, AgWest Farm Credit

Ransom Satterlee, USDA Farm Services Agency

Marie Baker, Small Business Development Center



Melissa Hamilton, University of Idaho Extension

Colette DePhelps, University of Idaho Extension

From the Webinar:

Presentation Slides

SBDC Request Appointment

USDA Service Center Locator


AgWest Preparing Financials

AgWest New Producer Grants


Farm Commons


11 am - 12 pm PST / 12-1 pm MST

Idaho State Department of Agriculture - 

Your Statewide Resource

The Idaho State Department of Agriculture supports agricultural operations with certifications, trainings, and regulations. This session will highlight the Farm and Ranch Center, Idaho Preferred marketing, and more.



Caily Woods, ISDA Farm & Ranch Center

Chelsea Conlon, ISDA Marketing & Development, Idaho Preferred


Rebecca Mills, University of Idaho Extension

Ariel Agenbroad, University of Idaho Extension

From the Webinar:

Caily Woods ISDA Slide Handout

Caily Woods FRC Slide Handout

Chelsea Conlon Slide Handout

Idaho Farm and Ranch Center

Beginning Farmers

Farm Answers

Food Business Guide

ISDA Marketing Development

Idaho Preferred

Idaho Farmer Veteran Coalition

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The Idaho Small Farm & Ranch Webinar Series is supported by a USDA Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Grant and the USDA Northwest & Rocky Mountain Regional Food Business Center.

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Browse the playlist of past recorded webinars!

Idaho Cultivating Success™ is brought to you by University of Idaho Extension and UI Small Farms Extension

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