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Crop Production Workshops

A series of hands-on crop production workshops
at the Sandpoint Organic Agriculture Center

September 26 - 30, 2022

Beginning Farmer Workshops
$5 per workshop

September 27 -
Getting Ahead Of Your Pests!
9 am - 12 pm

Picture This: You, winning the war on weeds, knocking down unwanted pests, and increasing productivity of your garden or small farm. This workshop will help you get there. Now is the time to prepare for next season!


In this workshop you will: 

Identify common weeds, diseases and insects in our area

Learn about least toxic, research-based control methods that work

See management strategies on site

Create a plan for managing pests

Network with other growers!

September 28 - Irrigation Systems for Success
9 am - 12 pm

Picture This: You, efficiently watering your plants, the plants thriving despite the hot, dry summer.  Start planning now for the irrigation system for your garden next season.


In this workshop you will: 

Learn the basics of drip irrigation design

Explore different drip systems

Design and set-up a simple drip system

Troubleshoot problems that may arise in an irrigation system

Network with other growers!​

September 29 - Vital Signs: Is your soil alive?
9 am - 12 pm

Picture This: You, going underground, ​joining forces with the army of microbes that bring life to soil, increasing organic matter, stopping erosion in its tracks, and​ maximizing soil biodiversity!​


In this workshop you will: 

Assess key indicators of soil health​

Find balance between production and environmental conservation​

See management strategies on-site ​

Take home tools for assessing and improving soil health on your farm​

Network with other growers!​

September 30 - Season Extension Success
9 am - 12 pm

Picture This: You, harvesting produce earlier in the spring and later in the fall with more delicious ripe tomatoes and peppers at the end of the summer.


In this workshop you will:

Explore different season extension techniques

Identify scheduling methods to make the most of the extension

Discuss management strategies for season extension

Network with other growers!

To register:

Call or email Bonner County Extension or 208-263-8511

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The University of Idaho is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and educational organization. We offer our programs to persons regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, sexual orientations or disability. Persons with disabilities who require alternative means for communication of program information or reasonable accommodations need to contact Jennifer Jensen ( or 208-263-8511) two weeks prior to the event.


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