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Farmer Mentor Webinar Training

Grow a Farmer!  Learn teaching skills to mentor beginning farmers.

Is it time for you to start sharing what you’ve learned from your years of hard-earned experience? Be a Farmer Mentor!


Being a Farmer Mentor to other farmers can mean hosting on-farm workshops, speaking as a class presenter, phone consultations, hosting a formal internship, and much more!  The Cultivating Success TM Farmer Mentor Program helps beginning farmer mentors learn from experienced farmer mentors who’ve “been there,” and developed successful mentoring programs of their own. 

This introduction webinar is for farmers who feel it’s time to pass on their years of knowledge and skills and want to develop a quality educational program. With over 64 years of combined farming experience, along with years of mentoring, our farmer mentor instructors can help you be a better mentor.


The free webinar will:

  • Present a wide variety of possible mentoring situations, to help you choose the ones that will work best for you.

  • Introduce teaching skills and methods for sharing your farming skills and knowledge.

  • Give you ideas for developing successful mentoring relationships, ones that will benefit both the beginning farmer and you.


Quote from the Cultivating Success™ Farmer Mentor Handbook, “Developing Your Farm Educational Program” chapter:

“Planning is an integral part of farming and crucial to managing a successful farming operation. Taking the time to plan, set goals, define learning objectives and develop curriculum for your farm educational program is just as important as any other part of your farming enterprise.  The more time you invest in planning ahead for what you are going to be teaching, the easier it will be to develop a quality educational program that gives your learners the skills they need to succeed. “

The introduction webinar was recorded on March 5, 2018 
Click to watch the recorded webinar

Idaho Cultivating Success™ programming is offered by:     

Funding provided by: USDA-NIFA-BFR-004835

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