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Ag Instrumentation Workshop

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A Train-the-Trainer Workshop on Agricultural Instrumentation

This SARE-sponsored ag instrumentation workshop focuses on train-the-trainer for six different instruments:

  • Soil Probes (for collecting soil samples) 

  • pH Meters (measures soil water content)

  • Hay Testing Probes (for collecting hay samples) 

  • PAR Meters (measures light transmission, e.g., through greenhouse film) 

  • Tensiometers (measures soil water tension / soil moisture) 

  • Smart Flow Meters (monitors water usage)  

Introduction / General Information

Webinar Recording: Introduction
Ag Instrumentation notes from the chat

Soil Probes

Webinar recording: Soil Probes - Kate Painter

Presentation slides: Soil Probes (PDF)

pH Meters

Webinar recording: pH Meters - Ariel Agenbroad
Presentation slides: pH Meters Presentation (PDF)

Hay Testing Probes

Webinar recording: Hay Testing Probe - Carmen Wilmor

Presentation slides: Sampling Hay (PDF)

PAR Meters

Webinar recording: PAR Meters - Jennifer Jensen and Ben Crabb

Presentation slides: PAR Meters (PDF)


Webinar recording: Tensiometers - Ken Hart
Presentation slides: Tensiometers (

Smart Flow Meters

Webinar recording: Smart Flow Meters - Iris Mayes

Presentation slides: Smart Flow Meter (PDF)
Links to Smart Flow resources 

For more information, please contact Kate Painter, University of Idaho Extension Boundary County.

This workshop series is offered in partnership with: 





Special thanks to Colette DePhelps, UI Extension Community Food Systems Area Educator, and Mackenzie Lawrence, UI Extension Community Food Systems Administrative Coordinator for making this workshop available online!

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