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Navigating Liability Insurance &
     Advanced Sustainable Farm Law 

February 9th, 2018 from 10 AM - 3 PM PST/ 11 AM - 4 PM MST

*Multiple Locations - See Registration Buttons Below*


A deeper dig into insurance, business structures, and other topics


This special advanced workshop includes:

  • Managing Farm Risks with Insurance: We'll explore the risks that often materialize on farms, from crop and livestock loss to customers and employees getting hurt. We'll review the insurance options available to farmers to help protect their business, reputation, and peace of mind.

  • Managing Risks and Succeeding in Farming with the Right Business Entity: Whether you want to keep it simple with your sole proprietorship or partnership, cooperate with other farmers, find the best way to pass your business on to your children, or find a taxation structure that's right for you, this discussion will help you manage your risks and make informed decisions about your business structures. 

  • Farm Law Q & A: We'll listen to each other's questions and stories, and find answers and resources together! 


Matt Stannard, Farm Commons' Legal Education Director, will be joined by Diane Green from Greentree Naturals in Sandpoint, and Chris Drummond from Muddy Springs Farm in Viola, who will share their personal experiences, lessons, and perspectives on business formation and maintenance, as well as their liability insurance needs and solutions, which will be relevant to other small producers in Idaho.


Introduction to Sustainable Farm Law 101 

February 8th, 2018 from 6 PM - 8 PM PST

Hunga Dunga Brewing

Moscow, ID 

*and live streamed on Facebook*


The basics of legal risk management for your farm--with beverages! 


This dynamic, interactive two-hour workshop introduces basic concepts, action steps, and problem-solving methods for the following legal areas critical to your farm enterprise:


  • Workers: How can you manage the legal risks, expenses, and challenges of having people work on your farm? 

  • Business organization: How can you take advantage of the protections a business entity offers? 

  • Events and Agritourism: How can you host fun on-farm events while managing the legal risks?  

  • Food Safety: How can you manage risks of foodborne illness outbreaks and comply with local, state, and federal regulations? 

  • Land Matters: How can you get on land to farm in a legally secure and sustainable way?  

  • Sales and Contracts: How can you secure long-lasting, trusting relationships with the people who buy or sell your food? 

This workshop will be hosted by Matt Stannard, Farm Commons' Legal Education Director, and will be an interactive, sociable learning event--not a long lecture! 


Here's what farmers have to say about Farm Commons' legal education workshops:


“Plain-spoken, good real-world examples. Very comprehensive.”


“Way more approachable than expected! I feel like I can actually do this stuff the right way!”


“It was such an incredible gift to get so much valuable information even though I've only just begun learning about farming.”

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