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ultivating Success™ courses are available throughout Idaho and Washington State.
Courses are open to farmers and community members.

*** Please be aware that course locations and offerings vary.  If you would like to see a course offered in your area please contact

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Overview of Sustainable Small Farms

Experiential Learning

Business Module

Sustainable Production Module

Sustainable Food Systems Module

Overview of Sustainable Small Farms
Sustainable Small Farming & Ranching
This course has students taking a realistic look at their goals and resources, and helps them evaluate what type of small acreage enterprise is right for them.  Students are exposed to all types of farming and ranching systems, guest farmers speak to the class, and field trips are taken to local farms.
Download Course Syllabus for Fall 2008 in Moscow/Pullman.
Browse photos from a 2005 SSFR field trip.
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Farm Based Learning
 On-Farm Internship:  The Cultivating Success™ internship is offered for continuing education units (upon request). 
This is a more traditional internship where all learning takes place at the internship site and the intern works directly with a farmer instructor to gain hands-on experience.  Internships will correspond with the farming/ranching season.   Interns may also learn other aspects of the farm operation, such as marketing, running a small farm business, etc.  The intern does not need to own or operate their own farm, as they can use the resources provided by the internship-mentor.  *Financial agreements may be arranged directly with the farmer-instructor.

Download the CS Internship Application

On-farm Mentorship:
  This option is for people who have difficulties meeting the demands of the traditional internship but want to gain experience and/or earn a Cultivating Success™ Completion Certificate.  This is a great opportunity for beginning farmers with their own farm, garden plot, or access to land where they can practice and apply what they learn one-on-one from a farmer mentor.  A mentorship may be composed of a series of farm-walks, workshops, conferences as well as learning directly from a trained farmer mentor. This is a “build your own” option and other opportunities may be counted in addition to those above as long as they fulfill the requirements set by Cultivating Success™.
Download the CS Mentorship Application

 * On-farm learning fees are not handled through the Cultivating SuccessTM program, but may be arranged directly between the intern/mentee and the farmer instructor.

Currently internships and mentorships are available on farms in Laclede ID, Sandpoint ID, Harvard ID, Colfax WA, Colton WA, Rice WA, WSU Organic Farm, and UI Organic Farm
Click here for learn more about our farmer mentors.

Business Module
Agricultural Entrepreneurship

This in-depth business planning course covers evaluating resources, planning and research, legal and management issues, marketing strategies, budgets and financial statements and cultivating money resources.  Participants produce a completed business plan by completion of course.  Farmers and small business resource providers serve as guest speakers, bringing real world experience to the class.

Two effective curricula are currently being taught at various locations: NXLevel's Tilling the Soil of Opportunity, and our own newly developed Agricultural Entrepreneurship and Business Planning

Download a sample 2007 syllabus from
Tilling the Soil of Opportunity
Sample Course Topics/Speakers List
from Tilling the Soil

Download the table of contents from
Ag Entrepreneurship and Business Planning

Click here for all Ag Entrepreneurship Course locations in Washington or Click here for Ag Entrepreneurship Course locations in Idaho

Sustainable Production
Organic Gardening and Farming
Principles and production practices of organic gardening and farming including cropping and composting systems, techniques, tools, and resources.   Incorporates guest speakers, field trips, and hands-on experience. Available in Moscow/Pullman. Click here for instructor's website. 

Organic Farming Practicum
Production skills necessary to manage an organic market garden or farm.  Practices learned in Organic Gardening and Farming will be put into practice. Available in at the university teaching farms in Moscow and Pullman.
WSU Summer 2008 Syllabus
UI Summer 2009 Syllabus and Course Info
Browse photos of a recent visit to the WSU Organic Farm.

Ecological Soil Management
A hands-on approach to learning to build a healthy soil complex that promotes a balance of soil nutrients and organisms. Available in Moscow/Pullman.

Sustainable Livestock Production
Covers alternative healthy practices, nutrition, feeding, housing, rotational grazing, processing, marketing and regulations. Available in Moscow/Pullman.
Sustainable Livestock Production curriculum development

Sustainable Food Systems
Field Analysis of Sustainable Food Systems
This course is a weeklong immersion field trip that exposes students to all aspects of the food system, using participatory and experiential learning techniques.  Participants will visit farmers and processors throughout the region and assess food systems sustainability using a learning systems approach.  The course helps existing and potential producers understand and take advantage of the context within which they are farming. Available in Moscow/Pullman.

Download Course Flyer

Browse photos from previous participants.

Click here for instructor's website.


World Agricultural Systems
This course explores the interaction between agriculture and human societies ( past and present).  It includes historical discussions of the world’s major food crops and farming methods, current agricultural systems on our planet, and the role that climate and soils play in both of these. Available through distance delivery. Click here for instructor's website.