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Winter - Spring 2016


Introduction to Sustainable Livestock Production

Topics include:

  Exploration of livestock enterprises
Overview of production practices, highlighting specifics for sustainability
  Starting up a small-scale pig and poultry operations
  Rotational grazing and pasture management
  Marketing strategies for different venues
  Budgeting tools for livestock operations


Introduction to Sustainable Crop Production

Topics include:

  Exploration of crop enterprises
  The concept of enterprise budgets
  Planning for planting
  Marketing yourself and your farm in the new   
      media age
  Caring for your soil
  Your farm as an ecosystem
  Equipment for the small farm

Starting Your Sustainable Small Farm in Idaho

This course has students take a realistic look at their goals and resources, and helps them evaluate what type of small acreage enterprise is right for them. Students are exposed to various types of farming and ranching systems, guest farmers speak to the class, and field trips are taken to local farms. Students complete a whole farm plan. 


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